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  1. Think this is the older brother to a BWB called Knockout, looks similar from what I can recall. I live in Lincolnshire but don’t drive unfortunately. J
  2. I would urge all members old and new to at least try creating a layout. It can be an extremely rewarding, addictive and often frustrating process, but ultimately, everything you see emulated is made possible due to one guy, Wizard, the emulation author. It really is astounding what we have at our disposal with mfme. J
  3. Thanks for this Captain, not a bad machine, can anyone remember the stand up version? I always found these hard to read, not sure if the £15/£25 versions streak, but I have streaked a 10p play version in the wild. Thanks again fella J
  4. A ‘thanks for the layout’ can go a long way!! J
  5. Thanks for the layout Tommy. Yes £25 roms are available. J
  6. Yeah, not sure why it’s in an m1a cab. Looks like someone has photoshopped it in. J
  7. I remember back in 1990 a mate of mine got an old mpu3 £3 jackpot machine that an old pub was scrapping. If I remember correctly it might of had bronze, silver and gold trophies on the artwork. J
  8. 20p play, that’s using the roms you said were asking for jackpot key. Adding Checkbox 12 removed the 402 error. J
  9. Try adding a checkbox 12 to the layout J
  10. Global, All in a Days Work? Could be.... J
  11. A:E


    Bloody hell when did you get the lines trick? I didn't think you could get arrested for exploiting a software bug!! Arrested, seriously? That's pretty mental.
  12. A:E


    I stopped plugging after 4 bouncers held me and my mate against our will and made us empty our pockets, went through our personal belongings and searched us, again all against our will. They wouldn’t call the police, horrible experience that left us a bit shook up. The crazy thing was we weren’t plugging anything, the barman didn’t like us playing in this pub but to subject to this was nasty. Could have just asked us to leave. J
  13. A:E


    Plugging was cleaner but it’s still theft, blowing the tubes on an m1a machine could be classed as vandalism . J
  14. A:E


    You couldn’t do that it the wild though, unless you prised the door and it let the switch pop out momentarily... or had the keys J
  15. A:E

    you emu guys

    You’ll be able to find out once it’s released J
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