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  1. Well... I'm not a massive gamer to be fair. I do plan on nicking my lads VR, probably set it up more long term, I got lost in mame VR, what an experience. J
  2. A:E

    ZX Spectrum Next

    Not quite as expensive as maybe an issue one ZX Spectrum 48K. All Spectrum models have their value, I have 2 Spectrum +3 machines and quite a number of ZX Spectrum 48k rubber and plus models. The toasty and the original rubber keyboard Spectrums are iconic machines, I think I paid around £185 for this. It needed a new keyboard membrane but works perfectly. Could do with a recap at some point. The only one I need for my collection is a ZX80, difficult to find one in decent condition as the plastic was fairly flimsy on those models. J
  3. Yeah, I'm actually liking it. Screen is way too bright for me, so I had to lower that, but not a lot of fiddling around at all. My specs are below, I'd class it as upper mid-range . I went for the NZXT H200i case along with a mini ITX mainboard. Ignore the RGB, it's not really set up, I'm only going to have the actual NZXT case RGB enabled as the motherboard uses different software and it can be a pain to get things synced. J
  4. Good luck Mort, it's well worth taking that extra time J
  5. I just purchased a new system too ;). I opted for a decent 4K budget monitor. I ended up with the Benq EL2870U, it's a pretty decent screen. I do have a slight problem with CS6 in 4K, I have Windows set to display apps at 150% but the feature doesn't work for CS6 so the menus are too tiny in 4K. There is a fix but the fix makes the brushes misaligned on the canvas so pretty crap unfortunately, I really don't like the idea of renting Adobe CC, just prefer a stand alone app. J
  6. I thought he said he was using a PC not a laptop? He said he had a decent PC. You could try dropping the laptop out of a window J
  7. A:E


    The earliest £4.80 token release (we don’t have the rom) could be emptied by plugging cash wins as well J
  8. A:E

    ZX Spectrum Next

    I became the proud owner of a ‘toastie’. It looked a bit trashed when I received it. I stripped it down and a low temperature cycle in the dish washer sorted it out
  9. Doh!!! Lol, I’d missed that. Thanks J
  10. Here is a capture of my screen res along mfme. J
  11. I did check my monitor resolution and it’s definitely set to 3840x2160? Will try re-installing mfme see if it fixes it. J
  12. Hi Chris, I have a possible issue with resolution. My monitor is set to 4K 3840x2160, however, in mfme it is set to 2560x1440? Am I missing something really simple? J
  13. Wow, just checked the updates and see £100 AWPS are unlocked and support for new S5 security chip. Spoiling us now J
  14. Thanks for the continued updates Chris, really appreciate the time you put in J
  15. I played pretty much every day from 1989 till late 90’s. We literally had all the latest tricks and emptiers. Still didn’t save me from myself, even so, I would never change a thing, we had some crazy times and equally scary times. Kind of miss those days but burning the candle at both ends never ends well and out of about 6 close gambling friends only two had the discipline to make decent money, one of which still plays today. It doesn’t matter what info you have, without discipline you will end up skint. J
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