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  1. A:E

    Happy Ram and Gam Files

    You only need to upload the ram file, you've uploaded the full layouts, the ram file is only a few kb. These layouts will go into maybe 50mb!! J
  2. A:E

    Happy Ram and Gam Files

    I think it’s pretty boring playing a machine that’s just unrealistically happy personally, I like to keep tabs on ins and outs so I can have a mini battle. The ram files are yours. They are tiny in size, there nothing stopping you from uploading them. If people don’t want to use them they just won’t download them. I really wish Chris could do some kind of online play where the ram files are stored remotely, it would be so much more realistic. I think that would be an amazing addition. You’d need some kind of credit limit so you’d have to play careful like it was real cash. J
  3. A:E

    Happy Ram and Gam Files

    I don't see the point in a happy ram file for the low jackpot AWP stuff personally, the club machines I can understand though. You can just upload them anyway mate, ram files are very small . Zip them up in one archive. J
  4. My touch screen is p cap 10 point touch, you wouldn't notice any latency when interacting with it, mine is extremely responsive. J
  5. Pot of gold was released by Ace Coin, I only ever saw a £10 version nothing lower than that. 1998? J
  6. I was thinking more Donkey Kong. I was sure Donkey Kong came out just before this, though can't be 100% sure. Wasn't Donkey Kong 1996 actually? J
  7. You really need two 5:4 aspect ratio screens. Or a big single 5:4 aspect ration in portrait mode. I've looked into it and it is frustrating as 4:3 and 5:4 are both fairly expensive if you want multitouch screen enabled. I was also looking for a wide and narrow touchscreen for a virtual touchscreen button area, just can't seem to find any sources. Possible Ali Express etc, but that could be a potential nightmare. I have a large 27" Acer screen T272HL. 1280x1920, running in portrait mode. It's about 300 pixels too tall, ideally I want 1280x1600. The easiest way to fudge it would be to have some artwork about the machine, maybe a cab logo. I don't want any physical buttons on my build. J
  8. The introduction of the Jackpot Repeater was also pretty decent ;). J
  9. For me it has to be the invincible board. J
  10. A:E


    Not all Proconn machines alarm on reset. Some will alarm after 3 power downs in short succession, then a longer alarm after 5. I’m pretty sure the game will still alarm with the cash door reset. J
  11. A:E


    I don’t think Chris can add a short cut as all techs have different button assignments. I mean he could do it I imagine, but because it can be done within the editor I don’t think he needs to. J
  12. A:E


    ...if you really are struggling just upload the layout here and some kind soul might do it for you. But just give it a go, you can’t damage anything. J
  13. A:E


    Create a short cut mate to the door button. It’s not rocket science. How are you still a noob,? Lol.... this is bread and butter stuff. Edit mode, create a button, right click on the new button and fill in the button number info per door of cash door button, fill in the short cut key you want and apply. Do you even know the button numbers? They should be the same on most of these Proconn machines. J
  14. I remember those dark days in 2006 when you announced no more mfme... I was totally gutted. I did stick around though... and I'm so glad you decided to be active again. The emulator now is just amazing mate J
  15. Also try this if no good. I believe the font is actually a commercial paid for font. J eurostile-lt-bold-maisfontes.zip
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