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  1. Love the fact that this can now be updated from within MFME, nice touch, thank you?
  2. Wow, thanks Chris. Thanks for all the time and effort you have put in with MFME, really is amazing stuff J
  3. Cheers Tommy, not played yet, but look awesome fella J
  4. No, the handle isn’t emulated in mfme. Not sure how feasible it is to be honest. It might sound easy but I don’t know what’s involved emulation wise, probably a lot of time as there won’t be any documentation etc. J
  5. LOL... You could totally empty these.... A guy sent me some images of how the handle is wired up, looking at the wiring makes me think that the spin is totally random and not pre-determined by the machine. We had 3 £10 ones in an arcade local to me and we used to empty them all the time. A mate of mine worked it out, they switched them off in the end as they couldn't understand why they were paying out too much. They contacted Project Coin, but they didn't have a clue either, in the end my mate told them, they contacted Project Coin and they advised to disable the handle. J
  6. Early days, started building it in mfme. Done the reels, still working out the lamps, seems a little similar to my OG 777 Heavens layout, so possibly fiddly lamps, not as many on the belly thankfully. I still have a few other WIPS that I plan on releasing at some point hopefully this year. J
  7. A layout can be made for Living in America as we have the roms, it’s whether anyone fancies doing the machine without any images, it would also be a mute layout. If it was similar to another Maygay machine you could just load the roms into that layout. J
  8. What kind of game, was it similar to anything else by Maygay? Wasn't a test machine by the looks of it as we have a 1993 rom and a 1994 rom revision, possibly £8 token update. If I saw a pic I might recognise it. J
  9. I’ve never seen that, we may have the roms. I can’t picture the machine is it an early 90’s machine?
  10. New York, New York? Clone of On the Buses, minus the emptier. Sure I’ve seen a WIP. J
  11. A:E


    This hack I did doesn't quite play exactly the same, it will never offer a decent number exchange on jackpot repeat whereas an the original Monte release 4 or 5 would, they removed it from Release 6 J
  12. Easiest remedy is to just delete that lamp. The TT light will never be lit in mfme as tube sensors aren’t emulated.... so far anyway. J
  13. Should be able to fix that by going into edit mode, right click on the TT lamp and click properties. In here right click on off image and select Extract Background. Click on apply then exit. J
  14. It won't be running at the correct speed, think this is why the sounds crackle. Also I used a lot of bespoke feathered lamp masks and possibly blended lamping as well. Chris has done some fantastic work on the later v19 mfme, lot's of speed issues sorted, along with the way the scaling works. J
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