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  1. A:E

    70s & 80s Lifestyle

    I still do that ocassionally to draw the open fire 🙂 I love the intensity, great way to start a fire off fairly quickly. J
  2. Wouldn’t mind decent images of Austin powers if you get chance fella J
  3. A:E

    70s & 80s Toys, Books, Magazines.

    My favourite was Kaplunk, loved that game. J
  4. A:E

    70s & 80s Toys, Books, Magazines.

    I remember an advert for a game called 'Stay Alive'. I remember when the person was out, in the advert, they disappeared. I was only very young and it freaked me out.
  5. A:E

    MFME OS Straw Poll

    Win10 is fine, I've only got a lo-spec PC and it performs a lot faster than Win7 did. J
  6. A:E

    MFME beta testers required

    Images with lit fruit machines have been used before, they have to have the lamps darkened first with photo editing software. It’s just much easier not to have to mess about doing this. J
  7. A:E

    MFME beta testers required

    I think it would just be a better way to cut the machine out and have it floating, even just overlayed a desktop background. Like I say just a thought Chris. Thanks for all the time and effort with mfme, really is appreciated. I think the new hardware acceleration is a major step forward, the speed increase is insane on the BWB vid stuff. Absolutely brilliant work J
  8. A:E

    MFME beta testers required

    Well, just being able to use an alpha mask on the background would be great. I'd use it all the time, you could cut out the sideart in full screen mode, you could do some nice little effects with that I reckon. Obviously I don't know if this is something that is going to take a long time to implement or even be used by anyone else? Just an idea. J
  9. A:E

    MFME beta testers required

    Is it possible to add alpha channel option for the background properties Chris?
  10. A:E

    MFME beta testers required

    I don't think you can use an alpha mask on the background image, that would be awesome though!!! J
  11. A:E

    MFME beta testers required

    It totally makes sense to create mfme on one platform, I imagine it’s quite costly, time wise, to build multiple builds over 3 operating systems. J
  12. A:E

    Can anyone help me?

    Why does it say blank layout. I wonder if he is loading the layout rather than the game? J
  13. A:E

    MFME beta testers required

    Wow, great news Chris. Unfortunately I’m not in till tomorrow evening but am sure there are members who can help and get some feedback to you. Happy New Year ☺️ J
  14. A:E

    YouTube Emulation Extravaganza

    Cheers Al, will watch this later All the best mate. Have a brilliant Christmas fella J
  15. A:E


    If you go to the main desert island fruit home page you can just do a search and all of these come up. J