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  1. There were 4 8 bit channels natively but these could be split to create 8 4 bit channels, more channel with lower quality sound. I used a lot of trackers back in the day, there was an 8 channel tracker called Octamed. J
  2. Cheers for the video Al. Enjoyed the Ted vid and the disassembly vid . Bit of a throwaway machine, pretty boring to play I imagine. Will check this new one out, thanks PS Are you going to be doing a video on the new BTG game Holy Diver. From the vids of gameplay I’ve seen it doesn’t seem too popular with casino streamers. Decent tunage though. J
  3. A:E

    70s & 80s Lifestyle

    I remember getting some Kouros when I was a teenager in the 80's, I still buy it to this day, love the fragrance.
  4. A:E

    70s & 80s Lifestyle

    I know, I was born in 1972 but my era was the 80’s for sure. J
  5. A:E

    70s & 80s Lifestyle

    We used to get some cheap aftershave from my Aunty called Burley Sport? Think that's what it was called. J
  6. This isn't the Hot Shot game for the machine at the top of the page. This is a totally different game. It was released years ago on JPMEMU. As far as I can tell we don't have the roms for this machine. J
  7. Album player is pretty decent, neat looking interface J
  8. I just found it this evening. I thought it was but couldn't find the right advert. It was a chorus from a Skittles advert song. "Skittles..... chewy in the middle" from the 1980's. J
  9. An old 80s chocolate bar or sweet jingle got into my head the other day... I just can't think what it is. I remember some of the words. They are... ??????????, chewy in the middle. Anyone remember? J
  10. Thanks for the layout, remember this and Frankenstein next to each other in the same arcade. On the feature I think there is a small spelling mistake? The word Firing, you have fireing. J
  11. Do you have any tech manuals or anything that might help with emulation? J
  12. I don't think any of the later Electrocoin lo tech machines work in mfme. I'm talking the original versions of Magic 7s etc not the concept versions. J
  13. Technical info Chris might need, protection etc? J
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