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  1. I don't mind sorting the Melon out mate, but I work from home and am actually pretty busy to be fair J
  2. Just saturate the colour in photoshop dude. Lovely pics
  3. Surely you are going to upgrade the reel symbols to high res, wasted opp if not, no need to rush it fella . Those reel images are sublime that the guy posted!! J
  4. You don’t have to worry about the layouts as Geddy has been organising these for many, many years. Suggest we update all the layouts lol. What are you doing to help . There are a few thousand I believe. J
  5. Is this an actual shot of the fruit machine or have you made it from multiple pics? J
  6. A:E

    twin screen

    There won’t be any created specifically for a twin screen setup. I have the same setup at the minute but not sure if I have any plans to release anything for this profile. Have you loaded a layout up and just let mfme fill both screens? J
  7. I’m not impatient at all, actually I have a later version to what’s available. I did create a classic layout for the latest version but only as the beta has a specific feature that was needed for the emulation of said machine I just wondered if there was specific reason for creating them in the beta version. J
  8. I'm not moaning, I'm just trying to understand why these layouts can't be done in the current build? Is there a specific reason? J
  9. What if Chris makes other changes that break layouts created in an unreleased version? I know there a lots of improvements in V20, but why are you guys continuing building layouts that no-one can play yet? We don't know when Chris will drop this update? J
  10. A:E

    Legacy Layouts

    Thanks Geddy, really appreciated Stay safe bud. J
  11. A series of short vids on how to :- load roms stake/price of play and percentage and any other handy tips would be good for people who don’t create layouts but like to tinker around with roms etc. J
  12. I got this up and running and have spent a treat deal of time with a few of my favourite games today... Wonderboy Rygar Wardner R-Type Phoenix Too many great games... loving some classic arcade games at the minute, brilliant escape J
  13. You never know, there might be a few surprises in there. I always love to check the update log on any new release. It might not seem that anything has changed but you take a look over the update log and find that a long list of bug fixes and tool improvements have been carried out. Love the way mfme updates now too, really great feature, everyone on the same page etc J
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