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    Long before wierdo beardos took over BFM's club machines, they used to put out belters like this one. This was built using a series of photos upped at the Mecca by @FruitSim, classics by @hitthesix & @Clo06 used as a solid base. Thanks to @fruitsnappa for testing and putting up with my constant revisions & as always @Wizard for MFME. ****************************************** Pick of the Pack DX ****************************************** Released - 23th February 2020 Author - Dave Pook Manufacturer - Bellfruit Stake - 20p Jackpot - £150 ****************************************** Shortcuts... 0 - Enter £1 1 - Hold/Nudge 1 2 - Hold/Nudge 2 3/L - Hold/Nudge 3/Lo 4/H - Hold/Nudge 4/Hi `/C - Cancel/Stop D - The Dealer G/S - Gamble/Shuffle Space - Start/Gamble ****************************************** Thanks to... HTS/Clo06 - Classics Fruitsim - Photos fruitsnappa - Testing Wizard - MFME ****************************************** Pick of the Pack DX.zip
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    View File Lady Luck What's in the Pot (club-B4) £250 Dx Next up is this clubber from reflex with progressive pots and the usual Dond type feature, whats in the pot Big Thanks to Fruitsnappa for sending me the roms. Mavroz/Tommy c/Matty N etc for getting these reflex roms to run and Infection for the images used within the layout the progressive pots will take a age to get to the max as even on £1 stake they only go up 1p yes 1pence at a time, i hope the seven seg blocks are in their right spaces/pots Shortcuts are listed within the notes Plays in Mfme v19.8+ Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!! Submitter vectra666 Submitted 22/02/20 Category Reflex  
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    Thanks Reg, half decent art for this...
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    Well that didn't take long, surprisingly. Gave me it from within a tenner of this RAM, enjoy Club Lady Luck What's in the Pot £250 Dx.rar
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    layout almost complete, should be as been working on this most of day lol only the sevens segs to re-colour and the hi lo reels to make, is there a similar style reel band or numbers i can nick from a different layout anywhere
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    I got some dutch layouts and roms , starting with goldrun here runs in mfme 10.1 i guess, but sound is low , maybe someone knows the solution i am new member, so forgive me if i put this in the wrong section anyway, enjoy!goldrun.rar
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    View File Knight Life Only posting this as it's been asked for and one that I had done. This is nowhere near anything like the best I can do for a classic and is not even using the borders that I am always using, just shows its age. This is purposely unlocked so somebody can learn from it or make a DX, don't really care TBH. Enjoy a low quality DX that somebody may make into something better. Submitter Reg Submitted 23/02/20 Category Global  
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    View File BFM - Flashcash BFM/WHITBREAD - Flashcash Tech: SCORPION 2 Here's another pub AWP oldie, an interesting machine to play with lots going on. Unfortunately it's another mute layout due to missing sound roms. Keyboard shortcuts in the notes section of the emulator. Thanks to Wizard for the emulator richie100 for the flyer The rom provider. Please use MFME V19.8 or later to play. Submitter Clo06 Submitted 22/02/20 Category Bell-Fruit
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    Another rom set from fruitsnappa this time cash explorer (images to follow) minor problem with the note acceptor on this one when I insert notes in the usual way the note acceptor doesn’t accept them and then both the notes and coin inputs don’t work probably the way I’ve set the notey up or maybe it uses a differing un-emulated note acccptor as there’s only one lamp for notes in test mode?
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    If you get anymore issues with Reflex notey. The alpha should tell you if it's looking for a DES note acceptor. (something like, "not set to DES or missing")
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    Bloody cheat, where did that JP come from Anyway, nice one Dave and thanks to Mr Six and Chloe.
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    Grab this one Chloe, there's a few enhancements from the one you had.
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    Cheers Ross, interesting Betcom semi-clone! Thanks for the release, nice to see back with a new layout
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    Not entirely happy with the cab it's in, so I'll keep my eye out for a better one. Built using photos from @Stuart and classics by @hitthesix & @Clo06
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    View File Meerkats In Black 1440p WDX with thanks to @Reg Submitter Ross Submitted 21/02/20 Category Betcom  
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    Looks great. April 2015 for the release date, if anyone is using the game manager.
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    Thanks (I think??) In all serious, thanks for the hard work - sounds good, plays fine - looks a damn sight better than i could do. Many thanks
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    nice -- played this spookily on friday night in a pub. be nice to play it at home to learn it before losing al my money the next time :)
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    Thanks Pook, glad I could help you out, also it's fantastic
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    A massive thanks from ,me for this classic
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    Many thanks for this Pook. As already said it looks amazing.
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    Great vid Degsy, I enjoyed that one
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    Love the vids as usual but the shit is for these type of machines. I truly hate them and would never play them but they are fantastic in the emulator, also thank the stars we have great people to bring them to the table. Of course, without an emulator it would never happen. Nothing like the pre £15 era as at least you had a chance!!!
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    Not me unfortunately mate ;(. I might be able to source these roms from an old contact. Will speak to him next week and let you know Al J
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    The hills have eyes! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fruit-machine/392698000544?hash=item5b6e9ff4a0:g:CGQAAOSwSgFePG5h
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    Thankfully this was pretend money!.....
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    Quite funny how the JP sample plays.... Reminds me of my local Wetherspoons back in the day. Had a bubble and streak, and like all Spoons had the volume off on the machines. However on this one, the JP sample, and only the JP sounded. Used to get some really funny looks when i streaked it!
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    Thanks once more for all your hard work
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    Thanks Vectra. This looks amazing! Never seen this in the wild, but seems pretty similar to a dracula themed game Will Hill had on there FOBT's on a £250 JP. (Although that didnt have a DOND game) Awesome stuff!! Thanks again
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    Will need a happy ram or maybe auto play for about three months to max cashpotz
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    View File The Winsons Wdx Now the mfme update has been released i can let this one go now,it was waiting for some led multi lamp emulation wizard added to mfme,What do you say about this,tight as cramp,may thanks to reg for his classic this is based on and to wizard for the new mfme.All short cuts are the usual. USE MFME V 19.6 ONLY. Submitter Tommy c Submitted 01/10/19 Category Betcom  
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