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    Not released to my knowledge, passed to me very recently but classic is dated 2010. But by the looks of it the roms wern't even dumped and upped at the Mecca until 2018, so bugger knows?
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    View File Crystal - Gold Rush Crytstal - Gold Rush Tech: IMPACT Here's another clubber from crystal, made in 1998, it's a clone of JPM's Rollercoaster club. Unfortunately it's another mute layout unless the sounds show up for it. Set to 20p play £200 JP Keyboard shortcuts in the notes section of the emulator. Thanks as ever to Wizard for the emulator Richie100 for the flyer The rom provider Please use MFME V19.8 or later to play. Submitter Clo06 Submitted 04/02/20 Category Crystal
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    Nice little lo-tech from PCP, good play and a decent sound package. ****************************************** Double Dollars DX ****************************************** Released - 1st February 2020 Author - Dave Pook Manufacturer - PCP Stake - 20p Jackpot - £6 ****************************************** Shortcuts... 0 - Enter £1 9 - Enter 20p Token 1 - Hold 1 2 - Hold 2 3 - Hold 3 ` - Cancel S/G - Stop/Gamble C - Collect Space - Start ****************************************** Thanks to... hitthesix - Classic Richie100 - Flyer @Ploggy - Tech Help @Wizard - Emulator ****************************************** Double Dollars DX.zip
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    That is lovely Chloe and you produce some cracking layouts. Thanks for your time, patience, dedication and hard work. I'm sure the sounds will turn up soon so I'll play some two step garage, old skool rave classics or might even go for some Rolling Stones whilst playing. Mute can have its advantages and I bullshit you not!!
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    Cheers for this, many thanks...
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    Here's a photo based dx of another extreme gaming machine,a clone of most daunting by the looks of it, The jackpot is £35 dual stake,thanks to andy 1 for the classic and the pics he sent me,wizard for the new mfme and the rom provider,all short cuts are a s normal. USE MFME V 6.1 ONLY,THANKS. Jail_Birds_Dx.zip
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    Here's my dx of doctors and nurses by extreme gaming,had to redraw bits at the bottom left of the machine as they were covered on the flyer,thanks to reg for the classic,wizard for the new mfme and A:E over at desert island fruit for the font help for the features,all short cuts are as usual. USE MFME V 6.1 ONLY,THANKS. Doctors_N_Nurses_Dx.zip
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    Cheating..... HA! Ha, my skills are none existent. Since I've turned 50, I'm now short sighted, I need glasses to read and use the laptop, yet i can read a numberplate on a car for what seems like miles.
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