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    The quality/perspective is fine, I meant it's not 100% the right cab for the machine, top & bottom surface areas were way out. Bit of cutting in half, stretching , colouring and a few strategic rivets it's as close as I can get it. Made some funky new buttons last night.
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    View File Cross Fire Wdx Here's another empire machine this time using mpu 5 tech,the flyer wasn't great no reel symbols available apart from the ones in the mpu dx,so i've used images from the flyer etc to make some clear-ish images,Not sure what it plays like etc as never played it before. Thanks to who ever created the mpu 4 version,wizard for sending me a copy so i could see what was going on etc,also for the new mfme v6x.All short cuts are the usual. USE MFME V6.1 ONLY,THANKS. Submitter Tommy c Submitted 05/12/18 Category Empire  
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    Here's an mpu 4 machine which looks more like an mpu 5 machine by design,this hasn't been dx'ed as far as i know,thanks to wizard for the classic he sent me,steve p for creating it, this saved me loads of time. Thanks to A:E for the font for the hi/lo reel and to wizard for the emulator. USE MFME V6.1 ONLY,THANKS. Pitfall_Wdx.zip
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    Greetings all - I'm GeekDadKevin because all 3 of those things are true. I used to play quite a few of these but took a long long break and am looking at getting back into them. Thanks, GDK
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    The Red Hand Gang, I remember this not only on TV but when we had Saturday Morning Pictures (SMP) at the cinema. SMP use to comprise of a couple of cartoons, an episode from a show such as this, then onto the main film, usually a Herbie film. I think the Children Film Foundation, films, mentioned earlier in the thread, were also part of SMP.
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    Milton Bradley Simon 1978 Milton Bradley Pocket Simon 1980
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    Surreal cutout animation featuring an ovoid crystal entity that plays classical music, flies using retractable rotor blades, and plays games with the forest animals he meets. Crazy isnt the word
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    Ya i saw Mr Peters on Qvc, was half expecting Ed the duck to turn up.
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    many thanks for this just got a good run hit the auto pay limit and the pound opto alarm pops up
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    His strength is a legend, his skill conquers all. On with his power we never will fall. Lothar. any watch , ghostwatch in 1992 ? a lot of controversy about it , And didnt Noel edmonds kill someone , a failed bungy ? , in a beat your fears and get money challenge , house party maybe , going to look it up ,
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    Thanks Tommy, Name of the machine didn't ring any bells but the great looking DX triggered a memory. Time to relive some misspent time (and money)
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    Master of magic spells and illusion. Enemies crumble in fear and confusion. Mandrake.
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    i'm sure i remember this and pitfall being around in the early days but being very secret and hard to get along with apache gold, i think you even need a certain version of mpu3/4 to play the 3 layouts, memory is a little hazy though something about empire wanting them tested but not released, i'm sure someone remembers better
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    Here comes Bod. Bod is a BBC1 children's television programme first shown in 1975, with thirteen episodes it ran from 10th October - 27 December 1975
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    Many thanks - I remember this one well from the day. It's lovely to see old layouts revisited and brought back to life for the current MFME, thanks for your work on this. I quickly fired it up and got a Skillstop that I totaly missed and landed back on for "4th position", it didn't repeat that 's not your problem - that's the coding.
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    Thanks tommy looks great!
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    Thanks for these @Ploggy, I've tried a couple of those already and others, just can't seem to get the quality/perspective right as I'm working in large sizes here. I did bastardise a couple of other electro cabs to suit needs below, not 100% but looks ok.
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    As ever, available from the downloads and it also completes a missing rom.
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