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  2. Wizard


    Might be easy for you, but not for me unfortunately. It's not as if it was just the one indiscretion.
  3. athandgames


    Thanks Na, things have moved a long way on from scan flyer, do a 50% darken on the artwork, cut the lamps out the non darkened version, colour the background in so its transparent and release. You can see now how I could do 7 dx layouts from start to finish in a week. There wont be a single one of my layouts on my cab
  4. Today
  5. wearecity


    I would like to think things have moved on and people will let bygones be bygones. Hey if I can finally take up layout designing after being around 17 years, nothing to stop you, picking up the tools again.
  6. Reg


    Welcome. Let me remove that Zero Poster tag for you.
  7. athandgames


    Most of you already know who I am, but for those that don't my name is Gary and I've been around on and off for a few years The reason for finally posting here is in the hope that bad blood of the past can be forgotten about and everyone including myself move on and enjoy the fruits of everyones work. Even though I have seemingly been inactive for years I have been constantly finding and sharing some of the odder roms over the last few years as I have come across them via 3rd parties, normally non working ones but some have been promoted to working with emulator updates. Used to work for a company writing code but now working freelance on various projects including mobile pay to play and fun to play games hence using my company name as my username, but not looking to tout for business or anything on here. More interested now in DX style layouts as I am working on building my own touchscreen cabinet to play the machines on and classic style layouts just don't look the same as full graphics especially when running on a vertical cabinet monitor. Used to dabble doing classic and DX layouts myself but the standard now from the likes of Pook, Ploggy, Dad, Vectra and the other designers is so far advanced of what I am capable of that I cannot see the point in even trying now. Still have a massive box of reel bands, a big box of roms which I think are all public now but occasionally find something that hasn't been dumped and normally get it dumped and shared as soon as I can, and even got a few scorp 4 glass sets in the cupboard that really need something doing with. So as I said now I'm officially outted hopefully there will be no more need for rants from anyone including myself and everyone can enjoy the machines, some of which I even wrote
  8. vectra666

    Club Safari + A Few Words

    Thankyou Reg and Matty n and to everyone that's made this layout possible, As said without the resources and of course mfme there'd be no creations so a Big thanks to all!!!
  9. Reg

    YouTube Emulation Extravaganza

    I will look forward to looking at this tonight, but sweet mother of god, look at this stat... ...nearly 5K of views to this thread !
  10. Finally this layout has been completed after 15 YEARS... ...before you rush to download this, please read the WHOLE thread here. Firstly, huge thanks to @Matty.n who made this possible. I paid considerable cash for these roms and bands, but if it was not for him going to collect them - it would not have been possible. Then we have MFME. A huge thanks to @Wizard for this emulator. Wizard is the unsung hero who made all of this possible with MFME. Without the hours and hours he puts into this, we'd not be here and have nothing. The designers are sometimes thanked in threads, but you know what, it does no harm to pop over to the MFME release thread and thank the man himself. Thank you both to @Matty.n and @Wizard. Oh and while we are here, I need to get firstly a complaint out the way, so I am doing it in this quote box - but I want people to see and know... Moving on, my next messages is... ...back to this layout, this has been an absolute dream to do and I was never happier from an MFME point of view to get these sound roms. Dumping them was a nightmare - you were just praying they were going to work. Point to note as well, this has an older romset - this is version 4.0 rather than the game roms of 4.1 that we had before. The release video is here... ...next week's release is supported by a poll, please pop here to vote... ...and finally, if you can't see the animals or natives on this classic layout, you need to download the latest MFME font and install it.
  11. Chopaholic

    YouTube Emulation Extravaganza

    First trick/emptier video for a while, here we have the old BWB AWP 'Clownin Around' on a £5 jackpot.
  12. Cheers. Teach me to read things first!
  13. Yesterday
  14. nails

    Club C&R Platinum

    Well done!
  15. andy-1

    Club C&R Platinum

    Set the stake in the config you will need to tick door c first. To lock the doors you need to find the correct number again in config.
  16. cliffc

    My you tube emu vids channel

    HI Sorry there have been no updates for a while but I have been having issues with the screen grab software, I have now got this sorted so I have done a mass upload today and yesterday so there are now may new titles on there, covering all types of games from club to classics pop over and have a look at what on offer, Like,subscribe, and comment
  17. SocialDragon368

    Club C&R Platinum

    Someone requested me to do this clubber, but if i get rid of the stake key error, it will run fine. Works fine in door open mode, but in main play it has a Stake Error. Looking forward to this game....
  18. Reg

    just saying hello

    Welcome to this site.
  19. Reg


  20. It’s the MFME font. The link is downloads here and also in the Notes of the layout that show when you load the layout.
  21. geeman875

    can or have these ever been emulated

    ok thanks
  22. Hi, cheers for adding me, my nickname is based on my favourite machine and emptier! I own one, unfortunately its in a rechipped state at the moment. James
  23. Matty.n

    Stake Key Error (SC5)

    Now the confusing part, did all that last night & no joy, came back to it today and more buttons to set the Stake/Prizes have appeared! All working now so thanks Although i do have another issue... The other Scorp 4 machine won't work with door switches set in config, i've had to do check boxes, all working fine but now every time it boots in closed door it says "Check Index Test" Which is cured by pressing the test button, not a real issue but know of any way around that?
  24. Wonderful, cheers. Cant wait for a hilo dx now. :) I seem to be missing the font used for the numbers £1, £2 etc, although the font check didnt throw it up. Can anyone name/link me to the font please?
  25. wearecity

    WIP (Epoch) - Italian Job 2 DX

    Thanks for the offers of help. I'm going to try to complete it without further assistance. It can always be my experimental layout and updated afterwards.
  26. kevm7


    Ty for the add
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