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  2. Vecs can do as he pleases, but why waste a brilliant looking layout by not updating the reels when hi res ones have been supplied. Take it from someone who is extremely passionate about mfme and the quality of layout releases. It’s rare that I moan about anyone’s layout and I’m not slapping anyone down here even, I never do, yet I see other people doing it all the time. I only offer constructive criticism if Vecs wants to go that extra mile then he can, I’m not going to moan about it if he doesn’t. J
  3. Today
  4. Don’t worry mate, there’s more going on atm that emulation to worry about I’m sure I’m normal circumstances people would have more time on their hands and gladly help out it’s just me being lazy, I’ll sort it no probs hopefully lol
  5. No problem A:E work atm comes before anything I’ll take a look laters and see what I can come up with
  6. I don't get it, when someone don't ask for help and releases they get slapped, when they do ask it is the same, ffs give the man some assist someone. If I had the answer/s for you Vecs you'd of had them like a shot. It looks pretty damn good mate and would appreciate it anyway like many others would.
  7. I don't mind sorting the Melon out mate, but I work from home and am actually pretty busy to be fair J
  8. Got this one lamped the test mode on this machine is all over the place,nothing is in order jumps from top glass to bottom etc,etc
  9. You don’t feck about Mr C!! So I take it this will also be a double jackpot release You’ve got so many excellent releases coming up
  10. Lamping done on this ready for mfme.
  11. Looks different apart from the usual dond shite lol youve left you off. BMP file here too
  12. Made a start on these added all the graphics to the art and added buttons to the scan and cabbed everything up.There will be both £35 and £70 versions as I've made both sets up.
  13. Ooo most amount of holds on the JP in real life? I think mine was 8. NQ.
  14. Upto you if you have any free time you could always make me some hi res symbols and help me locate the correct lamps I’ll send the layout over via pm tonight??
  15. Thankyou Clo06 for yet another great release it is really appreciated
  16. Yesterday
  17. I know, he has made that point! I am doing less than some members and more than others
  18. A very nice lo-tech project machine. Vec's take your time mate as if you release in the week you will be teasing as am back at work again tomorrow and dont have much time at the moment with work, but will look forward to this when we can get back to normal. Why not make it a joint effort with A:E as its all about team work at the moment.
  19. Just saturate the colour in photoshop dude. Lovely pics
  20. Now you've given me a challenge, although the melons aren't as green as they could be I'll ask for more hi res ones
  21. Surely you are going to upgrade the reel symbols to high res, wasted opp if not, no need to rush it fella . Those reel images are sublime that the guy posted!! J
  22. Pics gained from this topic https://www.fruitemu.co.uk/ib/index.php?/topic/22931-devon-and-melons/
  23. You don’t have to worry about the layouts as Geddy has been organising these for many, many years. Suggest we update all the layouts lol. What are you doing to help . There are a few thousand I believe. J
  24. Is this an actual shot of the fruit machine or have you made it from multiple pics? J
  25. hi all, I've been looking at getting a pandora setup but to be honest i'd rather run it off the PC and have 2 standalone controllers rather than the side by side unit you'd put in a cabinet. is there an equivalent for pandora on the PC?
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