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  3. Looking fantastic mate and brilliant as always. You most certainly know he to make me smile but this looks like a Barcrests we had/have too. Bit like Boulderdash but can anyone remember it as I have scrambled egg brains?
  4. Crystals version of a number of Jpms. You're on a roll Chloe, cheers for this love.
  5. Alladins Cave clone, think Rollercoaster but without the enjoyment. Thanks for this. NW.
  6. Got the proper reel bands for it.
  7. Looks great, will look forward to this one.
  8. looks spooky'tastic, do you have the font for the hi lo flexi reel? as i think its the same as i used on trick or treat 1024 layout https://www.fruit-emu.com/forums/index.php/topic/47867-trick-or-treat-l5global-1024wdx/?hl=trick OneTwoPunchBB_reg.zip
  9. as said on another topic you can turn shite into gold looks great that does
  10. View File Crystal - Gold Fever Crystal - Gold Fever by Clo06 Tech: MPU4 This time it's not a clubber, but a pub / arcade machine. It's a fun machine to play (I enjoyed playing it when we had it in our local). It's a gold mining themed machine with a great sound package too. Keyboard shortcuts in the notes section of the emulator. Thanks to Wizard for the emulator The Rom and Image provider. Please use MFME V19.8 or later to play. Submitter Clo06 Submitted 28/01/20 Category Crystal
  11. Never seen this machine before either! Christ, I feel old. Thanks for the layout! NQ.
  12. That's what I thought Vecs, like having a full blown Xmas tree on your pc. Everytime you lot do layouts it always feels like Xmas.
  13. Been working on this one this afternoon,got it lamped up ready for the mfme work....
  14. Looking good that is,great redraw so far.
  15. A few people have messaged me regarding this one lately, not had much FME time lately but grabbed a couple of hours today and started to re-create sections of the flyer that were unsalvageable. It will come this year, promise
  16. Thanks for this like I just said they did try to make games other than deal or no deal but they just failed test such a shame Looks fun can't wait to play it
  17. Looks amazing just goes to show they did try to make something other than deal or no deal but it must of failed test it's a shame Thank you
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