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  3. thankyou for a great updated layout 😊
  4. Ploggy

    Site Update - Live Thread...

    Yeah. All the various FME sites feel a lot smoother now, so huge thanks yet again to Pete for all the background work.
  5. vectra666

    Guess The Game

    i'd of said up yer riggin!! the club version of jigging yer riggin! and i've not even listened to the sample above as can't be cannonball run as its released already but nothing stopping anybody re-releasing it
  6. evo1


    Hi and welcome.
  7. evo1

    Hi from Guy777

    Hi and welcome.
  8. evo1

    Local Arcades near...

    Hi and welcome. Well if you come up stoke on trent avoid Silvers arcades and Silver coin.
  9. evo1

    hi everyone

    Hi and welcome.
  10. evo1

    Good morning!

    Hi and welcome.
  11. evo1

    holy grail

    Hi and welcome.
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    Hi and welcome.
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    Hi and welcome.
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    Hi and welcome.
  15. evo1

    My first post

    Hi and welcome.
  16. evo1

    Hi All

    Hi and welcome.
  17. evo1

    new here

    Hi and welcome.
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    Hi and welcome.
  19. Thanks Tommy,am going have to start taking the features on these DONDs havint a clue what any of them do. I have always chased the jackpot.
  20. MrPillze

    Guess The Game

    vecs has done a nice dx for it. just incase you missed it.
  21. Geddy

    Hi from Guy777

    Welcome, enjoy your stay!
  22. SocialDragon368

    Guess The Game

    Will you be releasing this layout?
  23. Reg

    Guess The Game

    Well done ! Yes.
  24. I totally agree with you wearecity,the games need a lot of time investment which can lead to lack of interest quite quickly. I too like games you can just quickly mess about on and don't care too much about storyline/cutscenes etc. gta v is a good example of just going on a rampage and seeing how it ends up as opposed to following the storyline which is why I like the freeplay aspect. I also like the let's play's game videos on youtube just to watch someone else going through the tedium of some games whilst I sit there and watch with a beer in hand skipping to the good bits,as the levels/puzzles and graphics are revealed with no effort on my part.bit lazy I know haha Yes totally agree with the retirement aspect that you and degs raise.I mean, how can anyone get bored in retirement with so much stuff the computers keep us entertained with.I'm with you guys ,I'll never be bored in my retirement. here's another game who's graphics look jaw droppingly amazing called Death Stranding (PS4 exclusive)to be released 2019. just look at the scenery of the hills,mountains,rivers,and vast expanse of the map.you won't be disappointed. 1st goto https://codegena.com/youtube-instant/ to bypass age restricted youtube videos then paste that's strange, it seems to show the video here without age restriction sign in message,but if you try and view it on YT directly it asks you to sign in.well I don't know but enjoy the trailer anyway.
  25. SocialDragon368

    Guess The Game

    I think cannonball run
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