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  2. As long as I get the twatville award as it is the easiest one to pass on
  3. Spidy21982


    No idea did not seen this machine in my life . Maybe dutch or german . The maygay ones were rare in my region.
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  5. Nice. Almost forgot about this until you just reminded me. Thanks heaps
  6. View File Bell Fruit - Rose & Crown Here's Bell Fruit's Rose & Crown, a nice simple lo-tec machine that was probably designed for bingo halls and arcades. This layout is a joint effort between myself, andy-1 and hitthesix. Keyboard shortcuts in the notes section of the emulator. Thanks to Wizard for the emulator The Rom & image provider. Please use MFME V19.6 or later to play Enjoy. Submitter Clo06 Submitted 16/10/19 Category Bell-Fruit  
  7. Deleted as read the wrong thing
  8. Gary


    The lack of currency symbols and the SUPERMETER pretty much confirms that. @Spidy21982 might be the oracle on this one
  9. Definitely not Concept. I would say that is an old Teddies amusement machine that was either a reglass of a bell fruit one (like they did with teddies bullion bars) or a brand new rebuild with new software
  10. I did think It looks like a concept machine but couldn't get any roms to load. That being said I am really not sure what roms i need to be loading into MFME to test.
  11. There have been lots of versions of this machine, made by various manus, but the main ones being Bell Fruit (the original), Concept Games did a version (did not play like the original at all), and possible the current one in the arcades by Fair Games, but this one I am not sure as I have not seen this art work on any of the versions of this game I have seen
  12. Hi guys. Looking around from ROMs for this. (Not sure if it's already been done) but not sure of manufacturer or tech. Plenty of roms for "Bar 7" etc but cant get any to start. I'll confess I have no clue about most other techs other than mpu and scorpion. Was hoping to make a DX from this image. Or if anyone else wants to take it on? Thanks.
  13. Bellend award can I have one, a gold one,cause I'm a prize knob head sometimes
  14. Agree with everyone else here,think they look great Tommy.
  15. They definitely are both machines, that could do with an updated layout. If you do, do Cash Attack, I get firsts dibs on the release thread to say the boys done clever, the boys done good.
  16. Reg


    That looks like a Dutch or German machine to me.
  17. He has a whole new life in the moderation queue. So his posts will need to be approved and no more rubbish like this posted which he did to earn that.
  18. Yep.my thoughts too,not sure if kev is still about, the flyer i have is high res its just a bad print from the manufacturer. I will just hold back on it. To me the feature board is the main problem, The other bits can be replaced with decals from the up n away flyer aa tue decals are the same sttle and font.
  19. This is a really good game, so I think it is worth holding out for a better flyer or pics, unless you want to spend days painstakingly redrawing most of it. I noticed that they have this on https://www.retroamusements.co.uk/The Collection.html + they have a flyer on site, so it may be worth contacting Kevin on the email address at the bottom of that page asking for a few HQ pics?
  20. I've only seen a classic over at FE including the sequel.
  21. Looks amazing has machine beau peep been made into a dx as ive seen a coulpe of pics on a thread which look hi res
  22. Working on it's clone too.
  23. I concur. Looks fucking great TC and whoever don't like it is their problem. Another sweet layout in your bin.
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