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  2. Reel symbols are here, https://drive.google.com/drive/u/3/folders/1NNsC4kz69-hBa9fzuTmRH_9aKcYnDE5p They are universal fruits, hi lo is not!
  3. spa

    Intro :)

    Welcome! Did you ever happen to keep various software for these machines? Like Bpaks for T7s for example? As above, always good to have another engineer on board!
  4. Reg

    Just sharing ideas.

    Slight update on this as the above is not right. I renamed OVER_THE_MOON.GAM to REGWASHERE.GAM and did a scan. Here it is before the rename... Here it is after the rename... It takes the name from the title of the .GAM file. None of this was done within MFME. The reason it is in red is this is a broken layout as MFME does not support DAT files but using a DAT file layout would show that it uses the file names.
  5. Reg

    Reg's MFME Cabinet

    Just to keep the pictures from other threads also here. I use an XBOX controller for non-MFME stuf on the cabinet as posted at Fruit-Emu. I rarely post about the other things the cabinet can do as it feels like heresy as this is MFME, but using front end of mGalaxy to allow the other systems it has stuff... mGalaxy Front End - Used as it gives access to other systems and MFME supports command line launching. Otherwise Game Manager. Star Trek - Running on Future Pinball - Tables Edited to put the Dot Matrix in a sensible place. Daytona USA - Running on a Dreamcast Emulator Galaxians - Running on MAME using Art Bezels
  6. cyriptix


    Hey! I'm Ben, I'm almost 40, and I told my mum that I wouldn't play fruit machines again after she convinced herself that I had a gambling problem. I think the statue of limitations has run out on that now, and I'm pretty sure that emulated ones don't count anyway (and given that I haven't touched a fruity for 20 years, I reckon I'm safe). I'd just like to play Crazy Fruits again, and relive my misspent youth So what's new in the world of fruit machines? I must have missed some amazing developments in the last couple of decades
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  8. Reg

    new member

    Ah - so if you've not used the site, you'll not have seen all the posts etc about New Members. Too many people were doing hit and runs without making any effort to be part of the community here, basically "take - take - take". This was put in place to prevent that. Thanks for your honesty - this just validates that the reason for doing this was valid and maybe more limits should be put in place for low users who just come here to take. This URL will get you up and running on the latest MFME.
  9. Reg

    Intro :)

    Hi Jon, Welcome to this site and great engineer. Hope that you enjoy some of the machines that we have to offer here and a very warm welcome to the community. Good luck in the Pub as well. I hope that really works out. Reg.
  10. look forward to the forthcoming topic spa

    new member

    hi all,think ive been a member for few years but havent really used.just come back now and it says i have to post an introduction???? im known as TORBAY FRUITS AND JACKPOTS on youtube and tbh computors has never been my strong point!!!! lol. i have MFME 5 and about 150 or more machines i can play.i would like to get the latest version which i think is 6??? and of coures some new machines to play. any help in making this easier for me or just pointing me in right dirction would be very much appreciated. thankyou all in advance
  12. Richy1976

    Just sharing ideas.

    Game manager is good but you have to name all your layouts in config on each machine first.
  13. abispac

    Just sharing ideas.

    So i cant help to compare this emulator to mame, either for the name, or the multi emulation part. Anyway , i got me a pack with like 3000 layouts and roms , and i had to unpack everything in a folder in order to start testing games, wich lead me to think does mfme works as mame does? with folder struturation in order to load games? lets say , layout should go in layouts folder, roms in rom folder and so on, so itried that way and it does not seem to work, also the files have to be unpacked, mfme cant load zip files. Now the ideas i want to share are not new, is it posible to make mfme to have the files separated by type, and as most games are 2 screens, would it be posible to dysplay each screen o a separated monitor? thanks for any help.
  14. jjoengineer

    Intro :)

    Hi Guys, New to the site. Thought I'd give you some background on myself. So I'm Jon and I'm from Wolverhampton. Had a massive interest in fruit machines all my life. Worked on them as a service engineer for a few years. Didi a two year stint at Gamestec working in pub and clubs, and adult gaming centres. Worked on some old stuff and new stuff, from Bar-X's to T8's and Storms. After there I left and worked for the Japanese gaming company Namco (or Bandai Namco as its now known). Did a while there working on anything from air-hockey tables to kids rides. However recently left to run a pub with a friend. So yeah that's me guys. Just thought I'd say hi! Cheers Jon
  15. Making progress So nice to see one of these clones running!
  16. paul.b232323

    Mad House Dx

    thank you for this one
  17. paul.b232323

    Party Animal Wdx

    thank you
  18. paul.b232323

    Road Hog 2 I'm Back DX

    thank you for this one will play this tonight
  19. paul.b232323

    Monopoly Road to Riches £35 Dx

    thank you for this one
  20. lufc26

    Hi Ho Silver DX

    Thanks you!
  21. char042102

    YouTube Emulation Extravaganza

    thanks for all the videos , really enjoyed watching. thought you were gonna fall in the sea on that last one think a career on tv beckons , how bout the new presenter for "Coast" have yourself a very merry xmas & a happy new year
  22. Dougsta

    YouTube Emulation Extravaganza

    Thanks for all your videos. I really enjoy the channel and have probably watched the lot by now. Bit chilly down Ramsey beach this time of year! I am on the island as well, and have been for several years, but I'm down south of you. Merry Christmas mate.
  23. char042102

    Italian Job - Blow The Doors Off

    thanks for this
  24. Tommy c

    Italian Job - Blow The Doors Off

    Thank you sir.
  25. flying giraffe

    A4 DIF Advert - Crash 2019

    thanks reg for including me in this, now looking forward to a good read like its 1983 again over xmas!
  26. Yesterday
  27. wearecity

    YouTube Emulation Extravaganza

    Shame they'll be a reduction in videos, but real life commitments, must always come first. Had plenty of giggles from the channel this year and definitely will be watching some videos again. Here's to another year of fun videos.
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