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  3. Hello everyone signed up a while ago but first real look around site today , looking good, played fruties for over 20 year and a keen interest in fruit emulation from day one some cracking releases over the years im yorkie by the way. cheers guys
  4. Not added another one of these for a while. Round 14.... Chopaholic - 1 evo - 4 wearecity - 1 infection - 4 Tommy c - 1 char042102 - 1 fruitsnappa - 1 eagle64 - 1
  5. Pleasure to find you all. It's crazy, I've been enjoying emulators for at least two decades and yet I'd never even heard of people emulating touchscreen casino-style coin-ops until now. As fate would have it I recently won the jackpot, metaphorically, at a recent computer auction by obtaining 3 great condition and perfect functioning Elo touch screen monitors for AUD $35. Yup, less than a US$ tenner each. After dragging them into my house, hooking each one up to a PC and verifying that... ummm.. well the mouse moves when I poke at them.. well... I realised I had no idea *why* I'd always wanted a touchscreen attached to my monitor at all! So far I must say I did get a tiny thrill from whacking "yes" on a Windows UAC prompt with the back of my hand rather than reaching again for the mouse but that's about it. After Duckduckgo-ing on Bing for a while I discovered this forum and by now you've read more about the last couple decades of my life than anyone should need to endure so I guess I'll end this with one last fact: I've never enjoyed a single casino-style coin-op in my life... but I'm willing to swayed
  6. I've been familiar with Fruit-Emu for some time, so I figured that I should give this a try. This is my first experience with fruit machines because I am not from the UK, so this should be interesting.
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  8. Thanks for letting me register on here and look forward to being on the forums. :)
  9. Try making buttons 64 to 71 check boxes and tick them.
  10. Try please? maybe a thanks ffs.
  11. View File Sharp Shooter Here is Sharp Shooter by Voodoo Games set on 25p Play £25 Jackpot. This is the same layout as Disco Crazy I did, but obviously this is an AWP version. Because we haven't the correct symbols I have decided to use the ones from Disco Crazy. There is no images or videos of this (or at least I couldn't find any) so it was guess work and probably lucky I done the other layout. Thanks go to: Dad for the Voodoo symbol used. Mavroz for the original symbols Wizard for his amazing emulator. Shortcuts are in the notes. Hope you enjoy. Please use the current emulator to play this. Submitter andy-1 Submitted 18/04/19 Category Voodoo Games  
  12. Managed to convert hi stakes to MFME, but it throws up a IOU when collecting. Can you fix this layout? histakes1280dx.rar
  13. andy-1

    Football Crazy

    No worries vecs. The flyer you have is for the Scorp 4 machine.
  14. dumb blonde moment from me again lol
  15. andy-1

    Football Crazy

    Your getting the two machines mixed up. The one reg has done is jpm the flyer posted is for s bell fruit machine. We have the program Roms but no sound for it unfortunately I did look at doing the bfm one a while back.
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