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  1. Yesterday
  2. Thank you for the new layout.
  3. I had a few of these locally. Two next to each other in the same arcade only one was a worker. Sometimes could be a bit of a mare but was always guaranteed 70+ shrapnel. Boring but satisfying once it starts paying those 20p pieces. J
  4. Will give it a bash later, then get round to some of mine lmao. Loving the vids with humourous commentary. You certainly give it a twist
  5. No I didn't, I know you said you don't like to comment on layout design, but things like this are great tips for me. I guess I would have found it eventually as I'm learning more each time, such as making the X values hidden in the black panel, first time I've done that on a layout.
  6. Last week
  7. Am I too late ?, Happy birthday dude , hip hip !!! I need a new hip
  8. Did you know you can offset the position of the text in a button or lamp as follows:
  9. View File Nitro (new version) Further to my original uploaded at fruit-emu, I've revamped it, so decided to up it here as well. Submitter wearecity Submitted 18/06/19 Category Red Gaming  
  10. I haven't used MFME in years so really looking forward to getting back into it
  11. hello all i am a novice and help would be appreciated
  12. No clue what this is or how this works but I wanna play some Book of Ra so I thought I'd start here.
  13. Happy birthday mate, hope you had a good day
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