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  2. evo1

    YouTube Emulation Extravaganza

    Thank you again Degsy for another 50 mins of pleasure. Only ever seen on one of these back in the day and as with any machine from the token pre cash some much more enjoyable than like you said the Β£70 shit that are about today. You made me laugh about the bit were you've put your money in and getting down to your last bit of money and the cold clammy sweats, getting hot rush thing going on !!! had that many of time and trying to contain myself from dragging the thing outside and smashing it up cause you dont wont to get barred,cause guess what? your coming back again tomorrow to do it all again. Classic.πŸ‘
  3. evo1


    Hi and welcome
  4. Hi and welcome,enjoy your stay at the island.
  5. evo1

    New member introduction

    Am very well thanks Pete. Welcome
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    Sound thank you.
  9. evo1

    A new member.

    Hi and welcome.
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  12. evo1

    Hi Desert Islanders

    Hi and welcome to the island and a great introduction,i think a lot of us fruit addicts at the time spent are bus money and hated the long walk of shame home. Great mame box you got there and again some members on here may be into mame, i have a 5TB hard drive with about 4tb of mame/hyperspin on it but when windows updated to windows 10 some of the emulators are not working right so need to spend a little time sorting that out. If your looking to make Mfme machine please post up your work and share your experience.
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  14. Thanks for the update fella. I think a guy over at mpumecca called Louie B uploaded them some time ago. J
  15. shaun2097

    Bear Streak DX - Coinworld - Proconn

    now ive played it for 5mins.......... what a job you have done with this!!!! i love the reflection of the flashing lamps on the chrome button panel when you get nudges.... 10/10 (again) cracking job.
  16. casbox1

    Luvvly Jubbly DX - BFM - Scorpion 2

    thanks Dave
  17. shaun2097

    Bear Streak DX - Coinworld - Proconn

    thank you.
  18. PartyTime

    Bear Streak DX - Coinworld - Proconn

    Nice One Pook πŸ‘Œ
  19. So whilst I was away I took the opportunity to catch up on seasons of shows I was behind, during flights, waits and at night. Two of these shows were season 2 of both Westworld and Legion. This is the 4 minute opening of the final episode of Legion season 2. If you haven't see it's seriously messed up, a cross between X-Men (it's actually set in that universe) and The Prisoner (for those old enough to know what that is) parts of it I have no clue what is going on but, but I still love it!
  20. scu11y69

    Luvvly Jubbly DX - BFM - Scorpion 2

    thanks for this :)
  21. Updates for MFME v6.1 include... Opaque reels In/Out sound effects New sideart ****************************************** Luvvly Jubbly DX ****************************************** Released - 1st May 2005 Updated for MFME v6.1 - August 2018 Author - Dave Pook Manufacturer - Bellfruit Stake - 25p Jackpot - Β£10 Resolution 1280x1024 ****************************************** Shortcuts... 0 - Enter Β£1 ` - Cancel 1 - Hold/Nudge 1 2 - Hold/Nudge 2 3 - Hold/Nudge 3 S - Stop C - Collect P - Phone Y - Yes N - No Space - Start/Gamble ****************************************** Thanks to.. Bugs - Classic & Tech help @wearecity - Testing @Ploggy - Tech help ****************************************** Luvvly_Jubbly_DX.zip
  22. cat-racer

    Electrcoin Sphinx Β£6 Dx

    Brilliant, Many Thanks
  23. vectra666

    Bear Streak DX - Coinworld - Proconn

    many thanks for this release, i suppose you could call it your "late" birthday release. look forward to the other WIPs you have coming soon
  24. Pook

    Bear Streak DX - Coinworld - Proconn

    Especially when you see what I started with
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